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We are trying to promote the Australian Crypto Coin market by making it easier for traders to find the information they need.
Blockcoin Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company providing Crypto Currency information to the Australian market. We created the site out of our own keen interest in trading Crypto Coins.

Founded in 2015, Blockcoin Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane. We are an independent company with no links or relations to any of the exchanges listed on our site. Any reviews on our site are done independently and are based on our own experiences whilst trading coins on various Australian exchanges.

If you are running an exchange that isn't listed here or if you're interested in promoting your crypto coin business then you should get in touch with us either on Twitter or via email. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

One quick word of advice:
If you are looking for a place that lists all sorts of coin trading sites in Australia including an up to date and frank assessment of each exchange, you should check out The site owner has put in quite a bit of work to keep it up to date. A great source of information for Australian Bitcoin traders!

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Recent Activity



We've added ACX.IO to our realtime quotes and removed BrightonPeak due to lack of activity. We're now covering the top 10 Australian exchanges.


Lisk added

We've added Lisk realtime quotes to Lisk has a promising future, potentially rivaling ETH.


Hardblock added

Another Australian Exchange added to Hardblock is based in Adelaide and has been trading since 2014.


Go live

Version 2.0 of goes live. Now with Deal Finder. Ever wondered how much money you'd really earn, selling your coins or how much you'd really have to pay buying your coins? Wonder no more. Just use our Deal Finder. and it will do the hard work for you, checking all order books and calculating the exact price including fees & charges. No more disappointment when you see a great realtime quote only to find out that it's just for 0.000006 coins.


Twitter List added

CryptoCurrencyNews created and added to website. Get your quick fix of Crypto News while you watch the market.


Ethereum project started

ETH to be added to with live quotes and news. With ETH quickly becoming a hot topic, more and more exchanges in Australia are going to add it to their books.